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Mold Testing
Baratta & Associates Inc doesn't remove or abate mold, asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paints or other environmental hazards. 

We're not affiliated with any abatement firms nor do we have any abatement divisions. We're a small engineering and inspection firm. We function solely as independent consultants to our clients. Call us to learn more about our ERMI, asbestos,
and other services.
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Rock drilling
We have no additional profit motive in hyping the severity or urgency of any environmental hazards we may uncover. 

We'll sample, inspect, test and present our findings and recommendations to you. If desired, we can direct you to a list of firms that can perform any needed removal services. If you wish, we can also monitor the removal operation or perform any follow-up inspections.
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Fungi testing

Services Offered

We have been providing inspections and engineering services to Southwest Virginia for 29 years.
  • Asbestos and environmental
  • ERMI sampling and testing
  • Mold sampling and testing
  • Geotechnical and structural engineering
  • Mold and fungi testing
  • LEED air quality testing
  • Lead-based paint sampling and testing
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