ERMI and Mold

ERMI and Mold Sampling

Airborne mold and fungi (also called mildew) spores are all around us. If one lands on a surface that is conducive to fungal growth, it'll reproduce and form a visible colony. Some molds are helpful. They allow mankind to enjoy mushrooms, certain medicines, cheese, soy sauce, etc. However, some people are allergic to molds and their fungal by-products. Symptoms manifest themselves between nail and skin fungus to respiration issues.
One common unfounded fear is Toxic Black Mold. Mold and fungi are allergens and not toxins; they affect some people and not others. In addition, the color of the particular fungus is not an indicator of its genera, species or potential danger to an individual. Baratta & Associates Inc can identify the type of visual mold you observe.

Microbial Sampling and Testing Services

  • ERMI sampling
  • ERMI testing
  • Fungi sampling
  • Air testing
  • Andersen testing
  • Removal design
  • Spore trap sampling
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