Lead Inspection Services

Lead-Based Paint Inspections

About 40 percent of the pre-1978 homes in the USA have some lead-based paints in them. Lead-Based Paints (LBPs) become hazardous when they're damaged or chipped. Airborne lead containing particles can then enter the lungs and cause a number of blood-related problems. Lead can also enter the body by eating or ingesting LPB chips or dust.
As long as the lead painted surfaces remain sound or in good condition, a lead risk doesn't exist.
Lead-based paint inspection

Lead (Pb) Inspection Services

  • Lead-based paint inspections
  • Day care inspections
  • Removal design
  • Paint testing
  • Air testing
  • Wipe testing
  • Lead abatement project
Please see Virginia lead by the numbers for additional information. Call Baratta & Associates Inc to learn more.
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